Make Money Blogging (How We Built a $100,000 Month Blog) 10 Simple Steps

Make Money Blogging (How We Built a $100,000 Month Blog) 10 Simple Steps

  • How To Earn Money With Blogs
  • Do you want to be a blogger and earn Money on internet?

Is this doable to earn money through blogging as some say? Is it not a scam like any other programs in the internet? In my own experience, I can say it is 100% doable . This is not a scam. The fantastic online exposure companionship Google is carriage me checks in every few weeks regularly for their ads in succession in my blog. I got my first check after early my blog in six months and the second check in three months.

  • How we can earn money with a blog?===
  • There are many ways for a blogger or a website owner to earn money online.

Earn Through Text and Image Ads: There are many online exposure companies are there on the internet such as Google, AdBrite, Bidvertiser, and so many others. These companies being paid advertisements from the advertisers to show their ads for their service-oriented or information-oriented web sites in the publisher sites.

A blogger as a web make pleased publisher can apply to these companies online and can get ads and show them in their web sites. To show their ads these exposure companies provide a java speech to past in the publisher’s sites. After the publisher paste this java speech code in his blog or web site can see the ads show . Whenever these ads are clicked by the visitors, the publisher can earn a few dollars per click or some pennies per click as per the bidding level of the advertiser.

In my experience Google AdSense is the best of kind in this type exposure for publishers to earn because a publisher even with a very low conveying level can earn money from AdSense curriculum , but the other companies set some minimum conveying level of 10,000 visits per day to provide their ads.

Advertisement Formats: These ads are given in four or five formats, such as text ads, image ads, audio ads, video ads, and banner ads.

Earn Through Connect Marketing: Another best way to earn money through online is connect marketing. What is Connect Marketing? Some companies sale many products like eBooks, electronic equipment  cosmetic items etc. Whenever a blogger or a website owner refer their visitors to buy these products via online these companies give a commission per sale. ClickBank and eBay are the examples of the best connect companies online.

  • Learn blogging using a free platform like Blogger or WordPress:

In my experience every blogger needs an own field and hosting facility. Why? We all already know that WordPress and are as long as free blogging platform for bloggers for web publishing for absolutely free. Bloggers can earn money using these blogs by a fantastic curriculum called Google AdSense and other exposure programs after they attain some conveying level. I also in my early stage used blogs and learnt my basics of blogging using that and earned at least $20 per month via Google AdSense.

But the first ultimate problem for using a free blog platform is that the service provider may stop their service at any time if they feel a blogger is violating the TOS (terms of service), on the contrary to this a blogger who is having his own field and hosting has no such problems as he is usage the management of the website.

The other problem is pattern design. If a blogger has his own field and hosting, he can select any website pattern design for his imagination and needs and can set any gadgets or buttons for his needs and can use and scripts for his own needs. But these features are to some extent limited in the free blogging platform.

My suggestion is for bloggers is to try the free service first and learn some basics and after being paid some basic information one can buy an own field and hosting to enhancement their own blogging experience and returns levels. So export a field name and web hosting to be blogger is very secured and safe to save our conveying and returns via blogs or web sites. This is also vital to get a technically bendable service and features too.

Make Money Blogging (How We Built a $100,000 Month Blog) 10 Simple Steps

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