First things first download Facebook messenger for free on your smart phone or computer next go on to the website

that I'm about to show you today copy your special code then paste that onto your Facebook messenger and just like that you can start to rake in big.

 This is a brand new and unique method for you to make easy money no skills or investments needed people from all over the world make real money on the daily and cash out within 2004 hours

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you must first visit this website before I reveal to you the secret Facebook strategy the website is called super pay.and. We can actually make a bunch of

money every single day with this brand new method using Facebook messenger and combining it with super pay so stay tuned and keep watching so you can

learn every step of the process what we're focusing on today is there awesome referral program I guess you can say this is where the magic happens

you don't have to jump through hoops all you have to do is just copy and paste your unique referral link all over the internet and just like that it'll rain money

for us it's way easier than many people might initially thank but before we jump into the details I just want to show you all of the people who are truly making bank

every day with this method this list is updated every 10 minutes so that means

you're going to be seeing new people and new payments being sent out to individuals all across the globe let's just scroll down here and see all of these payment proofs.

 There are indeed tens of thousands of people that are making real money

on here again and again using this strategy now stay with me here because in a little bit I'll be showing you through the whole process of signing up for a completely free accounts I'll even show you

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just click on this join free button right here then that will take you to this page over here it's all actually a very simple

sign up process and it's 100 percent free and the only things that you have to do is type in your name email username and your location you can see right here that they

are accepting practically everybody from any country in the world so it doesn't matter where you are as long as you've got internet you can sign up for absolutely free today

just put in all of the necessary details right here and click on the create account but easy peasy. Once you've created your super pay.M. you count we can now move on to the next website

that will be using this one is called I with this website you can earn free gift cards and some cash as well they already have a decent track record of paying out a lot of

cash prizes to all of its members here's how it works you can join this website for absolutely free and start watching videos and earning points you can click on this button right here where it says get started and

it's going to take you to this page where you can join using your Facebook account

or your email this is what it looks like once you log into your account right here on my resume so just click on this button that says refer friend.

 Take a look here this is how much I can make on Facebook whenever I share them there I'll walk you through the process later on if you keep watching I'll even show you the scripts

and the template that I use to stay with me and don't miss a single minute now before signing up yourself for I was to take a look over here you can actually refer your friends

to the website and when they sign up using your link they're going to earn 500 points and you can also earn money from that as you can see here you can get a referral bonus of anywhere between

100 to 500 points I know you're dying to know so fret not I'll be showing you everything you need to know right here on this video now what I want you to do is log into your Facebook account

using either your phone or your computer. And on the Facebook search bar type in the keywords make money online once you've made the search a bunch of results will pop up now

what you're going to do next is go ahead and click on the group's button right here that way we can filter out all of the groups on Facebook that are related to making money online. 

The next thing that we have to do is filtered the results some more. We need to make sure that the groups will be joining or posting on our public groups now that the filter has done

its job we are now being shown all of the groups that are set to public these groups don't require you to request access and it means that once you go on there you can

post freely as you can see here there are so many groups on here with hundreds even thousands of posts and members and we can now join these groups for free. 

Let's just go ahead and click on this button right here and just like that your end. Let me show you an example we can see here that there are so many people who

are posting links and this group and a lot of them are actually referral links or referral codes much like the ones that we want to promote the thing is there are so many people who have been doing this again

and again on different Facebook groups. Now I want you to listen real close because doing this is a very big mistake. Why because the majority of group members simply spam referral links and referral codes

in the group and these days Facebook group moderators and administrators are very keen on banning these people from the groups and taking them out so as you might have been able to tell they have been

going about this thing entirely wrong don't you agree that it looks very scammy when people simply spam links and codes like a robot keep that from happening to you guys I am going to share this template

with you for free so the script that I use that you can use as well goes like this I have been so frustrated on my search for ways to make money online it has been months already but nothing has seemed

to work and it wasn't making any money on line the entire time see when you lead with that you're already hooking in your audience

this is very important because you want people to believe that you're being genuine and that way they would be able to trust you and relate to you in your pursuit to find ways to make money online

so when you say something like this people can feel more comfortable with you and are then able to relate with you and as a result they would be more open to taking in your

opinions and whatever there is that you have to state now continue by saying something like this thank heavens that my fate took a turn for the better just a couple of days ago everything changed when I discovered this great method of making money

online it's even 100 percent free I completely understand how it feels to struggle for months looking for methods that work so if you need help or some guidance feel free to comment below so we can have a quick chat and I can send you a quick message

with all of the details so I can tell you that this script absolutely works you're going to totally get so many clicks in so many referrals using this strategy just go ahead

and copy the script then you're going to go back to the Facebook group and you simply have to put up a post on this group using the script that I just showed you just.

 A step over here into this box and post you can do this strategy again and again in a number of different Facebook groups you can totally put up multiple posts today and dozens of different Facebook groups

that you can join for free. Take note that this is just the first step because once you put up the post there will be a bunch of different people who are going to react you're posting comment information telling you that they want to know about this method that you're talking about. The next step that you have to take out the people who commented on your post as your friends on Facebook once you've added them and they've accepted your friend request

and you become Facebook friends

you're going to send them these 2 messages that you can see here right now this is just an example so change the information that needs to be changed okay hi there Jane a while ago you requested for more information

about the best money making apps as promised here's a private link for you to sign up with for free right now there's even a bonus of $5 once you sign up using this code. 

Now the code is actually going to be your referral code and the link is the IRA is the website link now this is only one of the handful of websites where you can earn commission by simply referring other people

to it so whenever people sign up using your link and entering your referral code you are going to make money on I reserve.

 Next I want you to follow up with the second message right here. If you want another additional stream of income you can also check out this money making website over here. 

And the link that you'll be sending them is your referral link to the super paid out and the website all you have to do is send these 2 messages to everybody who engages

with your post on your Facebook groups and you're going to get yourself a lot of referrals for free just go ahead and highlight the messages copy them and send them to everybody who's interested on Facebook messenger. 

This is absolutely something that you could do for the long term so as long as you're careful about not getting banned and kicked out of Facebook groups keep doing it

and money will reign on you forever


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